Conference menues

Without food and drink even a genius can not". Here at Sundvolden Hotel, no need to go hungry to the convention or to bed.

Homemade food at Sundvolden

Below is our banquett menus for conference guests. Included in the menu price is a separate festooned facilities and a unique culinary experience created by our chefs and waiters. Prices quoted will be added to the fixed conference price.


  • Glazed salmon  with potato salad and mustardcream
    • Veal beef with green peas, cream sauce and Waldorf salad
    • Appelsinisparfait with cloudberries and almonds

Kr. 285,-


  • Walnut Block, Marlborough, New Zealand, Nutcracker kr. 625,-
  • Malvirà, Piemonte, Italia, Sundvolden Vinen kr. 595,-
  • Anthony Hammond, Rheingau, Tyskland (magnum) kr. 1250,-


  • Lightly smoked duck from Revetal with juniper berriespowder from Steinsåsen and foie gras
  • Deermeat with mushrooms from Our area, potato and Holtefjell cheece soup
  • Chocolate with cherry sorbet and coffee powder

Kr. 395,-


  • Alexandre Penet Selected By Sundvolden Hotel, Extra Brut, Frankrike kr. 660,-
  • Domaine Belle, Rhone, Frankrike, Crozes Hermitage Les Pierrelles kr. 595,-
  • Novaia, Veneto, Italia, Recioto della Valpolicella kr. 640,-


  • Fried tuna with tea and rowanberries
  • Lamb sirloin with mint tea sauce and dried olives
  • Pannacotta of lemon verbena tea, ginger and orange sorbet

Kr. 415,-


  • Sundvolden Hvitvin, Rheinhessen, Tyskland, Weingut Schätzel kr. 595,-
  • Roero Riserva Trinita 2005, 100 % Nebbiolo fra vinmarken Trinita. kr. 650,-
  • Disznoko Tokay Ungarn kr. 750,-



  • Pickled white fish with beetroot and fir branches butter
  • Duck with baked tomato and garlic salt , black currant and port wine syrup
  • Kraftkar from Tingvoll with blackcurrant from Helge Hoslev
  • Blueberries from Kleiva

Kr. 475,-


  • Domaine Christian Moreau, Bourgogne, Frankrike, Petit Chablis kr. 670,-
  • Ca’ La Bionda, Veneto, Italia, Rippasso kr. 695,-
  • Jos. Christoffel jr. Mosel, Tyskland, Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling Auslese kr. 645,-
  • Anthony Hammond, Rheingau, Tyskland (Magnum flaske) kr. 1250,-

Gala dinner served in Kongesalen or Queen room has a supplement of 100, - pr. person