We know how to Conference.

Sundvolden Hotel is one of Norway’s most popular conference facilities.

We have many groups holding a Sundvolden Conference here with us.

Sundvolden Hotel has hosted many seminars and conferences throughout the ages. It has given us valuable experience and expertise that comes to your advantage. Our conference hosts and hostesses will ensure that your event goes smoothly.

The Hidden Waiter: The Hidden Waiter can be best described as a hidden camera - But without the camera! Henrik pretends to be a waiter, with one goal in mind - to trick, confuse and surprise your employees. He starts for aperitif and reveals himself just before dessert with a standup feature of 10 minutes. This man has entertained hundreds of businesses and hidden waiter is his most popular feature. Fantastic fun - and a guaranteed success! All bookings by Henrik Morken Nielsen takes you directly through his own company Best Entertainment AS. And you do it here: http://www.henrikmorkennielsen.com  

The new Sundvolden Hall is ready to be booked!

Contact us today for a tour of Norway's best conference hall.

From 1000,-


This 10 minute treatment loosens tension and blockages in the neck and back and can help open you up for more energy.


We have rebuilt to ensure that Sundvolden is still the best choice for you to arrange a course, conference, trade fair, or conference.

Workshop in Communication - Avoid Misunderstandings and Conflicts.

We will be your co-host. Take a look at our meeting options here.

Sundvolden Hotel is located 25 minutes from Sandvika just outside Oslo or about an hour's drive from Gardermoen airport. So, we're closer than you thought. We are probably bigger than you would think too! With 273 rooms spread over 25,000 square meters, we have the capacity to hold major conferences and banquets for up to 1000 people.

Sundvolden Hotel is situated ideally between the two fjords, Steinsfjorden and Tyrifjorden.

Want to solve a murder? Perhaps arrange a quiz? Maybe hear an inspiring public speaker? We can help you make decisions, give recommendations, and organize your event.

It should be easy, safe and incredibly nice to meet at Sundvolden Hotel. We take pride in treating all of our guests with dedication and professionalism.

"Without food and drink even a genius can not." Allow our talented chefs to tempt you with homemade food for all of your conference breaks. Sweet, salty, healthy, or delicious? The choice is yours.

Sundvolden Hotel is just 25 minutes from Sandvika, just outside Oslo, or a scanty hour from Gardermoen. We have 273 rooms spread over 25,000 square meters and capacity to the major conferences and banquets for up to 1000 people.

Team-building is an essential part of a conference, kick-off, or meeting here at Sundvolden.