We love food

Food is exciting! We want you to discover new tastes during your stay with us. We are passionate about taste, structure, and combinations. We love to play with food to create good experiences. We suggest an outdoor barbeque during Summer and letting our chefs entertain you with a cooking show during Winter. Either way, we are always proud to present to you our menu of the day.

Always Homeade here at Sundvolden
Kraftkar from Tingvoll at Sundvolden

Our Food Philosophy Sundvolden has been known as place to eat along the road since 1648. We are still preparing our food according to fundamental techniques, but we love to experiment with trends and fantasies. "My chefs and I put our honor in persevering the basics and at the same time dare to be wild and crazy. We prepare all the food from scratch, some of it we even produce at the hotel. Watch out for chefs running wild to and from the garden with their hands full of herbs, berries and rose petals."

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