Indoor Activities

Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter - at Sundvolden you can always get customized activities for your group event.

Cooking Classes with our Chefs

Hidden waiter: Hidden waiter can best be described as a hidden camera - but without a camera! This game is played by Henry. He is pretending to be a waiter with one goal - to deceive, confuse, and amaze your employees. He starts off with an aperitiff and makes his reveals right before dessert with a standup- fixture on 10 minutes. This man has entertained hundreds of enterprises, and hidden waitress is his most popular performances. Fantastic fun - and guaranteed a success! Please contact us today for pricing and to book Henrik Morken Nielsen.

A murderer in the hotel! 10-250 people, from 2 hours. Price from €. 35,000 -
Hotelier Greger Faber Nielsen is found dead at Sundvolden, we have a criminal case to solve! Who killed Greger? Rooms and objects must be scrutinized, and the corpse turns up .... Tactical and technical investigation needs to. The hotel illusionist Ali emerge during the investigation, he pops up during dinner. It should be considered two hours to the investigation, the solutions presented during dinner followed by the solution.

Feel Pål Trulsen! 10 to 30 persons, from 2 hours. Price from $. 250, - per person.
Activity Bowls requires no prior knowledge, has no claim to physical form to a good mood and sporty attitude! Bowls can be compared with curling in Scoring and tactics of the game. Absolutely anyone can join! Price kr. 250, - pr. person, up to 15 people per. court. Minimum Billing: kr. 3000, -

Meet our Quiz Master: 10 - 250 persons, from 1 to 3 hours. Koster 7000 kr for a Quiz any length.
Kjell-Gabriel Hendrichs from Infiniti is a renowned Quiz Master. He has arranged all quizzes for Radio Norway in the last five years. Challenge your colleagues.

Crime Theatre: 40 - 400 people, from 2.5 to 3.5 hours.
Crime Theatre is great fun and engaging. Three course dinner with a murder plot around the tables.
Who is the killer? How did it happen? now has 5 different productions you can vele between and create new constantly. Here it can also be specially made for the different settings. Please contact us for price.

Wine tasting with one of our somelierer: 2-100 persons, 1-3 hours. Price from $. 375, -
A journey in Julius Caesar's land - Italian wines from the fruity south to the kings of the north.
Germany: Cute and cheap? Or fresh and unique? Traditional France, diversity is unique!
Sund Voldens own unique experiences - taste in our assortment that our sommeliers and Chef has made in collaboration with various manufacturers around the world. 1-2 hours should be calculated. 375, - per person including wine. For groups under 12 people will additionally at 1500 -? We can also arrange cognac, beer tasting, champagne tasting, cheese tasting - contact us!

Fish on rice or sushi if you want ... 2-100 persons, 1.5 to 3 hours. Price kr. 595, - per person
Sushi, maki, sashimi, rolls, nigiri ... By our chef you will get an introduction to the basic knowledge about the making sushi! We set aside 1-2 hours for this exciting course and cooking classes. We arrange sushi courses for groups up to 20 people. Minimum Billing kr. 8500, -

Coctail Bootcamp: 2-100 persons, 1.5 to 3 hours. Price from €. 275, - pr. person.
Ever wondered how the bartender mastered throwing bottles, mix the tastiest drinks and fascinate its guests?
With us you can learn it the best! Liquid Engineers has among others a world champion and Norway's fastest bartender in his crew, and serves a firework of sparks! The video says it all. Price from €. 275, - pr. person. Minimum Billing: 8000, -

YangBreakers: delivers every single time, and it is with pride that we recommend these local guys!
Should there be a party? Or maybe just a guy with guitar in a corner? You get what you want. Price full band from NZ. 27 000, - Special Missions, price pr. bandmate from C. 4000, -

All Entertainment, is extremely good at putting together customized entertainment packages.
Beat for Beat with conductor Trond Lien get even the stiffest employee to run to the microphone!
Or maybe Jørn Atle Støa can help you to create your own company song? All Entertainment partners with some of the country's foremost artists, and has extensive experience in the industry. Prices on request.

A good laugh prolongs life: What about a fixture from Hønefoss evening news? This revue has gained status as the best cabaret for several years, and we guarantee laughter! We can also convey the "big" stand up comedians through Stand Up Norway. Ask us!

Ear-happiness! Halfdan Svartes Boys Choir is an unconventional and amusing chorus! They have a wide repertoire that enables them to entertain all age groups, and they also use multiple instruments in their entertainment. Here you can get everything from Vinsjan På Kaia to Russian shows and Irish folk music. Price for 30 minutes entertainment: kr. 8800, -

Madelen Ossum: Violin and piano at startup or entertainment during dinner. Call for pricing.

Your Limits: Seize the opportunity, use the opportunity! "After an accident in 1973, I had to amputate both legs and got the time opportunity to make a choice
-Sit there, or take the big challenge, "Atle Haglund has participated in 7 Paralympics and joined by 5 gold. Did you enthused and inspired! Atle is a model for how changes that appear to meet as a positive challenge! Price from €. 6000, -

From one peak to the other: from business leader to the first woman on Mount Everest, completed the Seven Summits - the highest mountain on each continent. One can safely say that Randi Skaug know a little of everything that it can blow the tops! An energy bomb of an inspirational lecture that helps more to find the peaks in their daily lives, perhaps combined with a walk along with Randi at Krokskogen near the hotel.

Gladiator Arnt Sæther: Norges probably happiest man holding a serious lectures are meant to inspire increased joy in everyday life. Maybe you are happier than you think, you just need a little help to look it up again? Gladiators pricing policy: So expensive that you can not complain, so reasonable that it fits into your budget. Ask us!