Our Environment

Sundvolden Hotel is a privately owned and operated hotel with long-term perspective. It is important for us to create and secure exciting jobs. We are keen on including our local community and wish to be perceived as a positive figure in our town. Focus on sustainable development is included in all of our decisions that we make here. We buy locally and are constantly looking for new, exciting, and local suppliers for the hotel.

Alltid mulig med skitur på vinteren

We have our own recycling center at the hotel. The food waste is converted into fertilizer in our own ensilage machine. We are proud holders of the Swan Certification since being awarded the Swan label in 2011. We are also a member of the Climate Promoter and have set the following goals for environmental work at the hotel:
Sundvollen Hotel will be Co2 neutral by 2015
Best hotel in the industry's best working environment (winner of the Norwegian Working Environment Prize 2008)
2501 liters of consumption per. cruise
0.4 kg. residual waste per cruise
Focus on sustainable development